To go a step further in finding the right metal detector for you, it might pay to ask your friends, family and colleagues if they have had any experience- either good or bad- with specific metal detector brands or models. Warranty – when comparing metal detector warranties, check for warranties of the web site AND of the metal detector itself. Compare shipping costs among online metal detector sites as they may vary; some sites will charge you separately for shipping, and others will include it in the final price. Customer service – the better the online metal detector store, the better the customer service they will provide.

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Beginner level of metal detectors means not the detection depth (as customers often mistakenly think) or the number of findings. Advantage of metal detectors with a fixed ground balance can be considered as the ability to use it without having any special knowledge, experience and knowing how to set the ground balance manually. They also normally have a lot of information about how to improve a particular model of the metal detector by adding accessories and parts to enhance its abilities like new search coils and headphones. Most of the detectors will even still have an active warranty, and that can shield you from future improvement concerns in matter you have difficulties with the metal detector machine. with a modern waterproof sleek design and best perfect performance in all ground conditions and terrains. such as minimum controls to adjust settings and easy to understand user interface and so on. The benefit to using a multi-frequency detector in salt water is that you can discriminate out unwanted targets. When choosing any detector for the beach, it goes without saying that you want a machine that’s fully waterproof and submersible – which most detectors are not. The major benefit to PI machines is their superior depth in highly mineralized areas like salt water beaches. But you’re depth will be severely limited to the point where it’s not even worth it to detect. For all purpose coin and jewelry hunting, stick to a single frequency VLF detector when first starting out. Someone new to metal detecting may not need one with a lot more features whereas the seasoned detector will want something more what is a good metal detector for beginners versatile with more features. What makes metal detecting great is no matter what age you are you can learn how to metal detect. I hope you enjoy and create wonderful memories and detect many interesting things. This machine is not waterproof, but housing cover is used to cover control panel. The best thing that I feel with Garrett Ace 150 Detector is it’s within the budget. This machine is not waterproof, but we can use housing cover for the control panel and taped up with the electric tape and easily use in the rain. By now, you probably have an idea of what a good metal detector looks like and its features. The area you are planning to go on a hunt greatly translates to the type of metal detector you will use. Most experts recommend the Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 as the best entry level metal detector. Just in case you are planning on hunting in areas with so much minerals, ensure your metal detectors is fitted with a balance control feature. It features discrimination, visual objective identification and touch n go solutions. Discover treasured metallic elements, artefacts and more besides with this fully featured metal sensing system. Using pulse induction, you can identify metallic objects that are ‘much deeper below’ the ground compared to VLF sensors will be able to. Metal detector hobbyists cite lucky finds as jewelry, watches, relics and hidden caches of coins or jewelry. Beginners—especially kids—will probably like the idea of searching for coins with a metal detector. This is our first metal detector and the Ace does every thing it says it will. It is a pleasure doing business with you and I will gladly recommend you to anyone that wants to buy a metal detector.